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Welcome to the Zebra Collective: an innovative, easy and inexpensive way of finding out the "how to" of creativity and the creative and performing arts. Think of us as your online mentors in creativity, creative thinking, survival skills and the inside knowledge in your chosen creative field.

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We have unique and exclusive access to the most up to date research on creativity and creative people - including a model of how creativity works that makes unblocking your creativity really straightforward. Also there is a new and stunning model of how creative people think and function in a way that is different to the rest of the us: The Nine Dimensions Of The Creative Mind.

We have also crowd sourced the tips, tricks and trade secrets of the creative and performing arts across multiple disciplines - what was previously the province of a select few is now at your fingertips. Hear the stories of those who have gone before you...and add your own.

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Q: $5 per month: What do I get?

  • One thought provoking email per day
  • One new 5-6 minute video every week
  • One new 17-18 minute video every month
  • Whenever you like access to the ongoing and expanding pool of content

Q: Do you offer a formal qualification?
Not at this time, not for $5 a month.

Q: Do you offer premium services?
Yes. We offer tailored mentoring and limited place Skype sessions.
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